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The Black Pits EP

by Jom Comyn

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Keep Trying 01:24
The wind will turn/ Against your back/ Your back will talk/ To/ the window's crack/ As time cloves two/ On a strong boat on the moor/ You've heard this before/ It's sparser than ever/ So keep on trying/ Keep trying
Long Life 02:22
What do you know/ Are you strong/ Do you travel/ Does the wind even make you cold/ What opinions do you hold/ And it's a long life where the wistful belong/ And it's a cut knife/ A street to wallow in song/ I won't be long/ Who here among you/ Do you want to love/ Now it's suspending each morning sun, disguising in a blackened hold on what you could have done/ And it's a broad side where the listless belong/ And it's a short ride, your strength to pull you along/ And it's a hard line, a sign to wrap on your clothes/ And it's a hot fire, a strength that nobody knows/ And it's a harsh light, but darker empties the sun/ And it's a tough sight, straight to wallow in song/ I won't be long
Lost in Time 03:41
When you're crawling on the floor/ Reaching out a little longer/ Tremble with a flash of insight/ Before it shrinks back to the corner/ In a particle of dust/ In a gasping little respite/ While you're breaking your own trust/ And when you're lost in time/ Try to touch another moment/ When you were certain in your mind/ When you recovered in your heart/ What you'd smothered just to try/ Instead of hurting from the start/ From a moment in your mind/ You picked four winds to sever/ If you never want to try try try/ Should you find the heart whenever/ You project another kind/ Should your heart then love your mind/ You're lost in time
Quiet Dreams 02:25
I've heard a hundred sorry midnight's score/ That electric hum, the loner's lullaby/ To kiss another gunshy infant morn/ To drink another bloodshot evening dry/ All those rambling pebbles scatter round before you/ As you're rolling down the road that empties home/ When no one in the street left to ignore you/ In quiet dreams is what it means to be alone/ In callous weather's unresponding eye/ With irises that search forever torn/ To listen for the heartbeat passing by/ That electric hum, the loner's midnight score/ All those rambling pebbles slowing down behind you/ As you're slowing to the road you call your home/ When there's no one in the distance left to mind you/ In quiet dreams is what it means to be alone
Stay Inside 04:05
When you wake up in the morning, don't open up your eyes/ As you're walking out the door, stay inside/ When the world comes to meet you halfway, go back home/ When you go out with your friends at night, go alone/ In the middle of the picture, still at the edges/ Are all frayed and torn out, so look away
Black Pits 03:04
Beyond the pale of some barren remainder of some barren container that we used to hold aloft/ There is no spring left in this heavy footstep/ Ten blocks of pacing back and forth/ These places remind you of a memory you remembered twice before/ And all along in the awning where your thoughts have lingered on/ Trying to call you, trying to carry on/ Heaven/ I would remember/ A fleeting sheet in time/ A symbol of a sign/ At home/ And darkness breeds alone/ It trembles with desire/ But in the blackest pit, there was a shovel for me/ Hold tight/ And all along in the awning where your hearts have emptied on/ Trying to reach you/ And all along inside the yawning of those tired hearts your mouth has lingered on, over and over/ And did you notice when it's over when it starts/ I can't warn you of a coming falling star, falling hard/ And darkness breeds alone/ Tremble with desire/ In the blackest pit, there was a shovel for me/ Hold tight


released July 9, 2015

Keep Trying produced by Eric Cheng
Long Life produced by Jim Cuming, backing vox by Ian Waddell
Lost in Time produced and bass played by Garrett Johnson
Quiet Dreams produced by Tyler Butler
Stay Inside produced and guitar solo and keys by Layne L'Heureux
Black Pits produced and most instruments played by Liam Trimble

Mastered by Renny Wilson
Art and design by Borys Tarasenko
Video for Lost in Time by Parker Thiessen

All songs written by Jim Cuming, Jan-Dec 2012, copyright Jim Cuming 2012
Recorded spring 2014-spring 2015

Thanks to all the producers, Kevin Stebner at Bart Records, Mike Kropiniski for his drums, Travis and the Empress Ale House for their beautiful piano.




Jom Comyn Edmonton, Alberta

Crawl, produced by Chris Dadge, 12" vinyl available here or check jomcomyn.com/music for record shops near you

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