From Far, Far Away

by Jom Comyn

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Recording began as early as February 2007, as soon as I procured a digital 8-track. Principal recording took place over the summer of 2008 in my parent's basement. Originally intended as an EP to be released that winter, instead I spent the entire next year learning how to mix, until I was finally able to release it on January 30, 2010, with the aid of a full band, the Mandemic.


released January 30, 2010

Written, produced and performed by Jim Cuming

Guest performers:

Mike Kropiniski
Arsh Khaira
Stefan Dehod
Nick Dehod
Janet Chung
Eric Cheng
Chris Blackmore

Mastered by Taylor Schaerer at Castle Awesome, fall 2009




Jom Comyn Edmonton, Alberta

Quiet nights and loud mornings


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Track Name: In the Window's Frost
You came in soft like a winter's frost
Etched in the driver's side, a-blindin me
You came in slow like a winter's cold with flurries and all
Flushed out with vitamins, a scratch in the throat

And it came to me in the window's frost at night

(We don't want to end tonight
But all our stars refuse to light in the sky
We're waiting tonight)

And it came to me in the window's frost at night
My breath standing in front of me, hair in my eyes
In the white wasteland outside
In the cold, petrified

You came in soft like a winter's frost
I came in warm like a husky's charm
I'd say I'm fond of you but that would be wrong
Track Name: Hyperbole
Entire civilizations couldn't compare to even one single bead of rain that falls on a single strand of her shining hair.

And every creature in the world, both tremendous and small, would gladly hang at the neck just to swing beside her.

And there's no creature in the world that wouldn't jump to its death just so that she would notice it had ever truly lived.
Track Name: Being Young
Some days when I wake up I hate all the space I take up and I hate it in this town.
And all this booze and oil and crude that we drink to knock us out it's keeping everybody down.

Being young wasn't supposed to last this long I know
Being young isn't gonna last that long I know

Countless seconds every day all walks of life from far away, we're running out of time.
And every end is nigh is near, you're born and then you disappear but everything is coming out all right.
Track Name: Born in the U of A
In the time it takes you to walk home in the cold, wearing the moon upon your shoulders like a coat.
You foreswore to yourself this would be the final time that you'd have to take this oath.
And in the evening, that summer evening, the streets were vivid, and you were livid for not livin this at all.

But on the morning, the cold cold morning, when you were born, your parents nearly froze as they drove down in their station wagon down to the hospital down by where all those cool University kids would go, carrying cups of coffee, wearing expensive clothes, maybe sliding a tape inside their walkmans as they go.

Made it to class on time and I was right behind and what nobody knows...