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by Jom Comyn

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Mountain 02:47
Mountain I walk on the mountain I crawl on the ocean The stair to the fountain is sinking Is sinking Stranded at the edge of your command Safety in the numbers on your hand Some cautious kind of person reaches out to pull your feet back down to touch the ground again I walk on the mountain I crawl on the ocean The stair to the fountain is sinking Is sinking
Street Sweeper To watch awake out the window To wait for days to arrive To contemplate through the signals, if I could I could wait here all night So work your way through this puzzle That fits you under your wall Now you’ve become your own double (and not a subtle one) To flush you from your own stall And on the day, after the day On your circuit, on your way To the depths of your room Fall asleep to the tune Of the friendly machine sweeper Step back and wonder why It’s too far to make out in your own eyes In your own hand If you could see through it it wouldn’t make much of a disguise Throw all your weight behind your mind Thoughts wrapped in notes and paper symbols Til your conscience fits you like a thimble And washes out so clean and simple Like a pair of jeans upon the line So burn your way through this candle That burns to shed you some light If it lights off more than you can handle, I can understand You’ll stay here burning all night So see if you can discover Some new direction for that same source of wonder The same kind you’ve always known The whisper and the drone Of the steady machine sweeper And every day, after every day The same old circuit, same old way Bound to anywhere at all But I’d settle just to fall asleep To the song of the clean machine
The Crawl 03:10
The Crawl Open up to the sound There’s nothing around you to keep you down There’s nothing beneath you if you want to crawl Shoulder to shoulder No dream for a doubter A swimmer to drowner I couldn’t arrange it better Dropping the rain right where it falls And then watching from inside So as you climb I’ll be climbing a little slower From a street I just discovered And you’ve already left behind Overhead, beneath the ground You can’t hear the feet fall through your wall of sound You can’t hear the creeps crawl in your bed at night The window has been leaking and it’s Flooding the floor This is only your lowest hour Unfolding you slowly like a paper Or crushing you tight into a ball But when you crawl I’ll be wishing that you were stronger In a place I won’t remember I’ve already left behind
Away 03:36
Away Alive, awake to work in your worry Didn’t need another day Awash, adrift in your own inclinations Circling away A fly in your station Keeping you awake Alive in the night While you watch the wind shake the window and bending the light At the foot of a dream Dissipating before you enter what you’ve never seen Across in some other hidden dimension Sleeping underground Another night with no realization Sensation unbound Awake in your station Call me down Alive in the night While you watch the wind shake the window and bending the light At the gates of a dream Hanging outside with your mind in a movie you make while you see And it keeps you awake To watch as your highest successes sweep under your gravest mistakes At the foot of a day Dissipate through the window of time slowing down The time it takes you away
Chapel of Chimes I’m picking up time That’s fallen behind To draw the design The chapel of chimes I’m walking through walls I’m walking through air The faster you fall, the farther to climb The further to climb In the condition You woke up inside You’re out in the open but you’re Nowhere in sight Without a condition You’re wasting away You’re wasting your time There won’t be a stander by To pick up the line To pick up and listen I’m picking up time The quicker I climb To draw the design The chapel of chimes
Change Your Mind I’m coming around the corner I’m floating on frozen quarters I’m going where the wind is warmer I’m changing my mind I’m typing these words to reach you I’m sending this card to greet you I never took the time to meet you I’m changing my mind Changing inside a circle half as wide Leave nothing standing by Changing from top to bottom side to side No footprints recognize Moving my body across the ocean blue No visions beaming through me I’m taking the time it takes to take the time (On some shining lake across the sea That’s where I’ll always be Some perfect little interlude Some lovely attitude I’m skipping through) So unbutton your abandoned notions Unfilter your frozen oceans Dance over this door, it’s open Come and change your mind On and on from year to year No clearer course to guide Through seasons and construction Reading nothing in the signs On a lower plane to be, it’s plain to see You’re in no shape for a climb And you know you really like to take your time I’m coming around the corner I’m cruising across the border I never have tried but I’m gonna I’m changing my mind
Sliver of Truth A sliver of truth has come against the grain And everything that remains will never be the same One sliver of truth digging under the skin And once it works its way in You’ll never get it back out again In the beginning There was a place and time Some new idea I kept in my mind The same material to make a new kind Now at another day’s end It’s a different place and a different time All I thought I knew now I know was never mine The same material to make a different kind A sliver of truth has come against the grain And everything that remains will never be the same One minuscule part of knowledge in your heart Is still awake at night To bring the flame to light I have tried to be stronger But I can’t make this any longer Doesn’t matter now it’s too late to begin One sliver of truth Just a little nugget but it grows and grows Now it’s a mountain and nobody knows If there’s a way around or how high it goes One sliver of truth Come against the grain One sliver of truth Never be the same
The Song Can Take the Weight Holly roads and stars crash down Just a rumble but it rings out so long Coloured candles melt into a candy town A smoky ritual that still smells after it’s gone Cold beginnings are your science and your art Shaking down to a reducible state And the song can take the weight Collecting cities like chapters in unread books Flipping through corners and intersections as you comb Breeze through connections, give no secondary looks Dog-ear some pages to revisit when you’re home You only survive in the moments you surrender Scrape the remainder from the bottom of the plate And the song can take the weight And I don’t see a change Out in the sound of a sudden distance Out in the distance under a memory, ringing out Couldn’t have waited for notification (I didn’t cry) Couldn’t have noticed my own constellation til I turned around Running the numbers and printing the sheets to publish and pore Shredding and stripping away to the bottom where no light can shine Hovering under the empty container (only inside) Couldn’t have felt so small and endangered Never so close to time
The Swamp 05:25
The Swamp In an honest moment only long as eyes can see In a light reflection closing open ocean streams Hiding in the night of blissful distant in-betweens Turning over stones to feed the filth that crawls beneath Shrouded from the moment, hoping, holding only what you know Keep a loving distance, pushing, painting, changing in the glow Keep a conversation waiting, safely, deeply, where you want In a distant picture sinking, soaking in the swamp In an honest moment only long as eyes can see


All songs written by Jim Cuming, and co-arranged with Chris Dadge
Performed by Jim Cuming and Chris Dadge with guests Samantha Savage Smith, David Laing, Ryan Bourne, and Chad Van Gaalen

Produced by Chris Dadge in Calgary
Mastered by Harris Newman in Montreal

Painting by David Janzen
Bookshelf photo set by Levi Manchak
Artwork layout by Parker Thiessen

Written by Jim Cuming from spring 2014 - spring 2018

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Chris Dadge at 606 Studios, Calgary from July 2017 - September 2018
Additional recording on “Away” by Chad Van Gaalen
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, Montreal in September 2018

Special thanks: Dadge for making this happen, Sam and Dadge for being such great hosts, Sam again for singing, Bourne and David, Darrell Hartsook for pedals, Emily Bachynski at Bitter North for demos, Dave Janzen for the perfect cover art, Levi, Parker, Craig at Double Lunch, Yuya and everyone at Moorworks, Shed Books, Jesse Northey, Candace and Richard, Auntie Linda, Chad Van Gaalen, and the lovely city of Calgary

All songs copyright Jim Cuming (SOCAN) 2019

Music video for "Chapel of Chimes" by Don Zimmermon
Music video for "Change Your Mind" by Laura La France


released September 6, 2019




Jom Comyn Edmonton, Alberta

Crawl, produced by Chris Dadge, 12" vinyl available here or check jomcomyn.com/music for record shops near you

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